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Normal Disc: A disc is made of cartilage on the outside and is filled by a water based jelly on the inside. It provides shock absorption and helps the spine move. When we twist and bend the disc changes its shape and sometimes, when overloaded, becomes injured. Normal Disc
Disc Bulge: A disc will bulge when the cartilage around the disk tears and the jelly protrudes, similar to a bubble on an old tire. Disc Bulge
Disc Herniation: A disc herniation occurs when the bulge gets bigger and begins to leak out of the disc and compress the spinal cord or nerve root. Disc Herniation
Symptoms: Early symptoms are low back, hip and leg Ppain, burning or numbness. A large disc herniation may cause a weakness to the leg which gives the patient a “Drop Foot” (i.e. difficulty when walking).

Treatment: Our specially designed treatment tables create a vacuum effect on the disc that “pulls” the herniated jelly back into the disc and away from the spinal cord and nerve roots. All it takes is millimeters of movement and the pain begins to dissipate. It is not unusual for a patient to feel relief immediately following treatment.

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