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When a patient has a condition that requires surgery, there is often pain, inflammation, scar tissue adhesions and swelling at the injured site and the surrounding soft tissue (muscles, tendons & ligaments) structures. By using Active Release Technique, Graston Technique and other soft tissue modalities we are able to break up scar tissue and reduce pain and inflammation. This is why many surgeons refer their patients to us before they undergo surgery. They know that a surgical site that has less scar tissue will have a better outcome.

Post Surgery
After a person has gone through surgery there is often swelling, inflammation and scar tissue build up in the soft tissues around the surgical site. Utilizing our soft tissue techniques combined with ultrasound and electric stim we are able to break up scar tissue and end the cycle of inflammation. This rapidly leads to improved range of motion and a return to activity. Post surgery soft tissue rehab is recognized by many surgeons to be a vital component of the healing process.

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