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Hip Labral TearsImpingement Syndrome of the hip often leads to a torn labrum, inflammation, scar tissue buildup and bursitis. Top hip surgeons have recognized our ability to break up scar tissue and reduce inflammation in the hip joint. That is why they send us their patients with labral tears. We see labral tear patients at three different stages of care:
  1. The surgeon feels that surgery can be prevented by utilizing our treatments via Active Release Technique, Graston Technique and other soft tissue modalities that break up scar tissue, reduce inflammation and restore the normal biomechanics of the hip to allow the patient to return to activity.

  2. The patientís labrum requires surgical repair, however the surgeon would like the amount of scar tissue and adhesions to be reduced significantly before surgery in order to allow for a more rapid recovery, improved range of motion and return to normal activity.

  3. Post-surgery, there is scar tissue build up in the muscles where the arthroscopic instruments passed through during surgery. Range of motion is reduced and adhesions exist in the hip joint. As patients progress in traditional physical therapy, we begin to treat the hip concomitantly with the therapist to heal the soft tissue injury and scarring. This stage is where most patients realize the vital need for great soft tissue work.

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