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Golf InjuriesThe doctors at Duke Chiropractic are certified by Active Release Techniques in the Biomechanics of Golf and Injury Repair.

Duke Chiropractic now works directly with Drive 495, the Premiere Golf and fitness training facility located in Soho, NY. They deliver the highest caliber golf fitness evaluation in the tri-state region. Using golf simulators and 3-D swing analysis they are able to asses the biomechanics of your swing like they do with top professionals at Titleist. Their instructors analyze every aspect of your golf swing and provide a clear picture of your capabilities and limitations to us, at Duke Chiropractic, so we can help improve your performance and prevent injuries. Whether you Hook, Slice, Chicken Wing, Sway or are simply coming Over the Top, our doctors will work with you to correct your problem and prevent injuries which will potentially improve your golf game.

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