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“Soft Tissue Management System"

Active Release TherapyART is the manipulation of muscles, ligaments, fascia, tendons and nerves using a manual “hands on” contact for tension and motion of the affected tissues to produce changes in texture, tension, movement and improved function. It is this type of “hands on” contact utilized by the doctors, coupled with the active motion of the body performed by the patient which distinguishes ART from other techniques.

Drs. Duke, Duggan and Amico are ART® Credentialed Providers and instructors in ALL the areas of ART including: Ironman Biomechanics, nerve entrapments, upper and lower extremities, spine, Titleist golf performance, and the newly credentialed Masters certification providing the highest quality of care within our profession.

Our methods of treatment are based on the scientific evidence that soft tissues develop adhesions after injury. The presence of an adhesion after an injury weakens the soft tissues and causes them to be susceptible to future re-injury.

Tearing of a muscle during a sporting event is an example of how adhesions form. However, most adhesions form from "micro trauma" in which, over time, small repetitive movements (activities of daily living and poor posture) cause the injury.

Note: Credentialed ART® Practitioners have been extensively trained to locate and treat these types of injuries. To be successful, the treatment must be performed by a credentialed ART Doctor.


Watch this informative video about Active Release Technique, or ART.

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