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Here's what people are saying about BACK IN ACTION, Dr. Duke's guide to healing back pain through motion.

“Back pain sufferers, suffer no more! Thanks, Dr. Duke, for writing BACK IN ACTION. For anyone with back pain who needs someone to hold their hand and walk him or her through recovery step-by-step — and who doesn’t? — this book does exactly that! From everyday routines to activity-specific exercise programs to pregnancy and even how nutrition affects the back, it's all in the book, and I'm going to insist that all my patients read it.”

—Nathaniel L. Tindel,
Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon
New York Center for Spinal Disorders

“If you’ve ever thought you’ll never find help for your back pain, think again! Dr. Duke has created a powerful and empowering program that you can easily implement to stretch, strengthen, nourish and heal your back. His approach is simple; your results will be profound!”

—Jeffrey A. Morrison, M.D.,
author of Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind

“When top runners are in New York to compete, we always recommend Scott Duke for chiropractic care. His healing hands have helped global medalists like Paula Radcliffe and Meb Keflezighi to perform their best. This book will give you all the basics — and more — on how to stengthen and care for your back. I highly recommend it.”

—David Monti, Professional Athletes Consultant,
New York City

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